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Photography Tips Contd.

Tips and information on digital photography and manipulating images.

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Understanding Aperture - Aperture is a measure of how much light is let through your lens and into your camera (to expose the CCD or film). The measure is called f-stops. >> more

Rule of Thirds Explained - When taking pictures, a subject in the very middle of the frame is very boring and not considered a very good picture. To make your pictures better in general you need to take into account the Rule of Thirds. >> more

Using Depth of Field - To gain optimum results and really good pictures, you need to make sure you are using your depth of field correctly. Depth of Field is a combination of two settings, the shutter speed and the aperture. >> more

Creative Photo Ideas - Sometimes you just lose your inspiration. Photography can become boring if you have no good ideas. Here are some other interesting ideas. >> more

Better Macro Photography - Macro photography is also know as close photography. To practice you will need a good macro lens or a camera that has a large range. Here are some tips to improve your macro photography. >> more

Shutter Speed Variables - The shutter speed determines how long the shutter is open, which lets light through the camera to expose the film. Shutter speed is affected by two variables: aperture and film speed(ASA). >> more

Getting Better Pictures With Simple Techniques - Here are some tips for getting more out of your everyday pictures. >> more

Traveling With Your Camera - When you are traveling the world, having a camera handy is very important. People who are very busy don't have much time to practice photography so during a vacation or holiday is a great time to get that old camera out and take some pictures. >> more

The Importance of Lighting - Lighting is one of the most important parts of photography, after all, it is what makes up a photograph. A real photographer will always take light into account. Making sure there is plenty on a subject and enough to expose a film well. >> more

A Guide To Cropping - Most pictures will need cropping to reach their full potential. Cropping is cutting the edges out of an image to make it more complete. This can mean that you focus on one subject, put them in one of the thirds...>> more

Female Photography - Some of the worlds best pieces of art have depicted females; the Mona Lisa, the Venus De Milo and Whistler's Mother. Photography is no different, females are probably the most popular photography subject..>> more

Using Frames In Your Photographs - Are your pictures boring and uninteresting? Do they lack scale and depth? You need to use frames! >> more

Sport Photography - This is a more serious photographer type article, but a lot of amateur photographers are into taking pictures at sports games too, especially those with children. Sport photography is not the easiest medium of photography to master. >> more

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