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Innovative Portrait Photographers

Ever since photography was invented, there have been famous names associated with it. Ansel Adams, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Dorothea Lang are just a few of those who have changed how we look at the world and at photography. What about famous photographers today, those who are currently changing the way the world looks at photography, especially at portrait photography.

One of the all time great portrait photographers was Don Blair. He was known as a master in the field of portrait photography where he used lighting and composition to create timeless images. His interest in photography came when he was in sixth grade, when he went to work for a photography studio carrying equipment and helping in the lab. He learned all he could from the owner of the studio and eventually took it over and named it Don Blair Photo Studio. He was an advocate of continued learning and growth. He was known for his kindness to amateur and professional alike, and was willing to share what he knew with everyone, if they had the desire to learn. He was a mentor to many contemporary photographers.

One couple that he mentored is Joseph and Louise Simone out of Quebec, Canada. They learned the skills of seeing light and paying attention to composition and use this to not just take pictures, but create art with their photography. They met while working at Don Blair's photo studio in the 70's. The experience they had at his studio and the things they learned set them on their photographic path and they are still creating beautiful photography today. They are unique in their photography in that Louise "paints" their portraits after they have been photographed. She uses both Corel Painter and Photoshop tools to do her painting digitally, creating timeless, lasting portraiture.

Anne Geddes is another photographer who has chosen a different subject and path for her art, with a very successful outcome. It wasn't until age 25 that she really started into photography. She had always loved looking at images and when she finally started capturing them, the results were spectacular. She specializes in infant and childhood photography and keeps the prints simple and clean. She often times uses props or adds in props digitally after the shoot. Her style is innovative in that she is the first to pose infants in such simplistic, unique poses. As a mother herself she knows and understands children and her photography reflects this. Each of Anne Geddes photos capture more than just a stunning image, it is difficult to look at Anne Geddes photos and not feel an emotional connection to the image.

Capturing portrait photographs of individuals is more than just capturing an image, it is about capturing facets of the subject's character and those subtleties that make them a unique individual. Great portrait photographs speak volumes about the person. Great portrait photographers capture not just the likeness of the individual, but also preserves the person's personality.

Portrait photographs are cherished because they capture and preserve an individual at a specific point in their life.

About the Author:

Francesca Black enjoys photography as a hobby and manages content at Future Photo and Digital Photo Tips

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