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Photography Articles

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Free articles to read on digital photography, cameras and and manipulating images for amateur and professional photographers.

Innovative Portrait Photographers - Ever since photography was invented, there have been famous names associated with it. Ansel Adams, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Dorothea Lang are just a few of those who have changed how we look at the world and at photography. What about famous photographers today, those who are currently changing the way the world looks at photography, especially at portrait photography. >> more

The Great Things About Photography - Are you thinking about taking up the hobby of photography? Many who have already discovered this exciting and fulfilling hobby can tell you the top ten reasons why photography is so great. Maybe you will be captivated by this compelling and diverse art as well. >> more

3 Photography Tips - Here is a list of ten tips to better photography for both the amateur and professional photographer.

#1: Remember the batteries and make sure they are charged. Good words are never said when you compose your shot click the shutter release and your camera dies. >> more

Who's The Daddy of Photography - A Frenchman named Louis Daguerre, is the father of photography, so history tells us. But here is the rest of the story Louis Daguerre, wanted time to stand still and capture the moment for prosperity. He worked at it for forty years, and was able to capture images. However, they soon faded back into the past from whence they came. When he heard of an Italian pottery maker that was putting images on his pottery that were not paintings but real images. >> More

The Hidden Pleasures Of An Antique Camera - Photography has always held a special place in my heart. The ability to capture a second in time and to have it for all eternity is wonderful. George Eastman's early camera had a unique "Ko-Dak" sound to the shutter. George always thought that the letter "k" was strong, so was quick to spot the Kodak sound. When it came time to name his new camera, George did not call it an Eastman camera or a George camera. The world was introduced to the "Kodak" camera, and embraced it >> more

How to Create an HDR Photo - The photography world is buzzing nowadays with the latest technique in creating perfect exposures every time - the High Dynamic Range (or HDR) photo. Using a series of images ranging from underexposed to overexposed, a perfect image can be blended together using Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3, assuming you've got the right equipment and follow the procedure accordingly. >> More

Create a Website for your Photos - Websites are made up of images, text and html code. Html simply tells the web browser how to display the content (ie the text and images) to the web browser. >> More

You Too Can Produce Professional Photographs - We live in a very privileged world. The pictures that we see every day in newspapers, magazines and on the TV would have been considered miracles only a very short time ago. The passion, the sorrow and the joy that they can impart can add something to words, however accomplished the writer may be. On a smaller scale, we all appreciate the joy of family photos, particularly humorous ones and they can give hundreds of hours of pleasure over the years. >> More

Digital camera macro mode - In general the digital camera macro mode allows a digital camera to photograph close-up pictures of petite objects like flowers, insects, coins, etc. >> more

How to avoid or reduce red-eye - Photography with the aid of a digital camera is beyond doubt very fascinating. However, it also has many a nooks that the users of the digital camera must be aware of and also must be well educated to deal with in order to produce good photographs worth the most prized digital camera. >> More

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