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You Too Can Produce Professional Photographs

We live in a very privileged world. The pictures that we see every day in newspapers, magazines and on the TV would have been considered miracles only a very short time ago. The passion, the sorrow and the joy that they can impart can add something to words, however accomplished the writer may be. On a smaller scale, we all appreciate the joy of family photos, particularly humorous ones and they can give hundreds of hours of pleasure over the years. These can either be natural (when you need to have a camera on hand just at the right second) or contrived (the setting up can give just as much pleasure as the end result).

In order to become a good photographer, what steps will you need to take and what equipment will you need? Apart from the camera all photographers need a tripod and a camera bag. Don't be lured by the camera shop into buying lots of gadgets that you don't need and will end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Take some time to assess what you think you will need before investing and know (from reading magazines) what you need before you go into the shop, so that you're not baffled with science and come out with much more than you anticipated. Go for a make that has demonstrated quality and durability over the years and is within your budget. There is a wide range of prices and qualities in all aspects of photography. By reading and taking part in forums you will learn the makes that other people have found successful and value for money.

Digital cameras have almost exclusively taken over from the traditional ones requiring films. They offer the potential to achieve all types of effects that would previously only have been possible with the most sophisticated development processes. As each new model comes on to the market, the clarity is better and the memory card can hold more.

When the memory card is full it needs to be taken out and downloaded onto a computer's hard drive and saved. The memory card will be wiped clean and you can start again; very like putting in a new film into a traditional camera. By storing the photos onto your hard disk you can use the viewfinder to glance through your photos and you can delete those that you don't want.

There are opportunities to takethings further with software that can manipulate your photos, iron out wrinkles and other imperfections, merge different photos, adjust the brightness and color, crop off the parts that you don't want and create your own backgrounds.

Laura Hedgegate is a consultant for Photo Views a premier resource for Photography information on the Internet. Please visit for more information following this article.

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