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Do You Want Photos with your Cell Phone?

When the cell phone was first made available to the general public, people thought that this was the ultimate in personal communication. Since then, however, upgrades have caused these first devices to become classified as nothing more than the communications fossils of the distant past.
Today, you can take a picture, call your friends and share the photo with them all at the same time.

Although using a camera phone isn't terribly difficult, the taking of a good picture can be a bit challenging. Since the device is small, there are things that need to be taken into consideration that you may not have to think about when taking a photo with a conventional camera. While these devices aren't intended to produce high-quality prints, you'll still want to be sure that your pictures capture the moment in the best way possible.

Once you have decided to take some shots, make sure you take a variety of shots. Don't forget with a cell phone camera, like a digital camera, you can just delete any you don't like without making any prints. You have nothing to lose by taking a lot of pictures of the same subject. The
ones you do finally pick can be uploaded to your computer and then you the further option of either saving them in an electronic photo album or printing them to hard copy.

Since you probably won't have the zoom option that most cameras possess ' these types of phones don't often offer such a feature ' then you'll have to be sure to stand close enough to the person or object that's being photographed, or else the loss of quality will diminish their features.
Standing too close can cause issues with blurriness, so aim for a distance of about one or two feet before shooting the picture.

If you're planning to take a photo of a person or animal, it's important to take the picture from eye level. You'll have a much better chance of getting the correct resolution and capturing the true personality of the individual when you shoot from that vantage point. Shooting from an angle
can detract from the overall quality, and you can lose some very engaging shots if you don't get 'up close and personal'.

Unless your camera phone has a built-in flash, you're going to have to be alert to light levels before you snap any pictures. Insufficient light is the top cause of a bad photo. Bright light is always best, when it reflects off of the subject of the picture. Be sure to make the light as bright as possible, if you're planning to do your photography indoors,

Many camera phones will allow you to choose your resolution. If you prefer low, medium or high resolution, set it to the highest level before attempting to take any pictures High means high quality, which is the choice you want to make for all of your photos. It may not appear to
be any different when you are looking at the picture on the camera phone, but you will notice a big difference when you upload it to your computer and view it on your screen.

Keep in mind that a plain background is best, so that the subject of the picture is the main focus. You should also be sure, too, that you don't intrude upon someone's personal space. Always be courteous and obtain the permission of the person whose picture you are taking. A camera phone isn't worth getting into trouble over, as exciting as it can be to have the ability to snap pictures
at random.

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